Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blogorado III

Another successful gathering of the Tribe has come and gone. Sadly we said good bye to ChristinaLMT, Scifi and Mrs Scifi this morning. Thank you so much for staying and helping with the cleanup gang!!!!!! Miss Christina makes an amazing Kitchen Bitch and Scifi is a more than tolerable Garage Bitch. Mrs Scifi (she is one tough cookie ) was stuck with doing small things due to having had surgery last week. We had to take care of our gal!
Due to events beyond my control I was not nearly as organized on the food front this year. My prep was nonexistant and therefore the meals were a bit hit and miss on timing but everyone seemed to get full so I guess it worked out ok after all.
Those in attendance were Old NFO, AEPilotjim, LawDog, Phlemmy, Ambulance Driver, Matt G., Tam, Expert Witness and Holly, ChristinaLMT, Scifi and Mrs. Scifi, Farm Girl and Spear, the Atomic Nerds, Salamander,Evil Robot and Jennifer,and if I have missed anyone let Farmgirl know and she will fix my omissions.

As Promised a pic or two of the Battle buggy in all it's glory.
Some had to take it for a drive by shooting of steel targets.

Not that they actually hit much. Our bunch needs a lot of practice to make a good gang banger.

I came up with a few targets for the ladies that I thought would be fun to shoot. The biggest problem was when we set them up and headed back to the firing line a group of 4 GUYS were headed that way to make the crockery go splodey!!!

Spear brought his Boomstick that he had made. It was a huge hit! It even got a Tam squee. If I remember right (and I won't testify that I am ..... too much going on and too darn tired ) she said something like "this is MY boomstick"

Jennifer sure seemed to enjoy it! Of course AEpilotjim's Barrett got a lot of action too!

Some of the gang went over to declare Jihad on some prairie dogs. If you look at the foreground of this pic you will see what prairie dogs and drought will do to us. three months ago there was actually grass here

Some folks got into the costume thing. (I still don't understand how that came about. ) AEPilot Jim started it I think.Evil Robot and Jennifer were great in their new custom built leather for Blogorado!

Some of the ladies were ROCKING their costumes. How can you not have fun when you have this running around your house?

Salamander and Stingray stayed with the Mad Max theme. Sal was awesome! I said he won the costume contest until I saw Lord Humongus!

Sorry. I just can't do it. Not only do I value my life but I adopted the Nerds a few years ago and some things a mother will never ever do to her son!

Thank you all for coming! It was a wonderful get together and it lifted the spirits of a very special lady. She enjoyed having all of you there.


phlegmfatale said...

Farmmom- as always, thank you for your abundant kindness and hospitality. It was so great to see you and FarmDad and Memaw again, and the whole thing was chock full of shooty goodness and good times with dear friends. We love you very much and hope to see you again soon.

Old NFO said...

FM- Thanks to ALL of you for putting up with us yet again, and if THAT is what you call un-prepared, I'd hate to see what prepared is! The food was outstanding as always, and plenty for us (and you blew my diet straight to hell)... Thoughts and prayers...

Jennifer said...

It was awesome. I'm already ready to do it all again. Oh the food! OMG the food. And pickles!

Jennifer said...

Also, it was a real pleasure to meet Memaw. Best wishes to her too.

Christina LMT said...

Thank you again for hosting us crazy people! It's such a pleasure to get together but it's the FarmFam who make it so special.

Matt G said...

It was a fine time. The food was great. I have decompressed more than you know.

Tam said...

You are truly the hostess with the mostest.

If you tell anybody that I got a little bit teary-eyed as I drove off, I'll totally deny it. ;)