Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Toys

So I got an iPod Touch for Christmas (thank you fam!) and I've been playing with it since. It's actually a rather handy little piece of tech, but so far, other than having a sound track at work to help me keep from losing my mind it's mainly been the world's most expensive Scrabble game.

I've been challenging everyone I can think of to games of Words With Friends, because it's fun, and because it also helps keep me from losing my mind at work. Of course Until recently I've also been on vicodin, so my skills haven't really been up to par.

This has resulted in me losing several games.

DM: You know, we really ought to up the stakes on this.

Me: You only say that cause you're beating me by a bajillion points.

DM: Yep.

It's a good thing I'm well versed in smartass and enjoy it, or he'd be toast.