Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blood On The Walls

The last two weeks have left me in a mood to contemplate murder and mayhem, not the least towards my coworkers. Thankfully, I only have one shift left, after which I will likely take off like a striped-assed-ape to go see DM, because I am in serious need of some down time, and he's very good at making me relax.

Also, in coming attractions: Puppies!

That's right. Before too long we'll have Fuzzy Pup and Belle puppies, two of which definitely already have homes, and probably one more. The gal on the third just had border collie pups and offered to trade me straight across but I figured the fam would probably hurt me for that one. She's currently arguing with herself but is fairly sure she's gonna end up buying a puppy.

I'm hesitant to contract any more, not knowing how many little squirmers are in Miss Tubby's belly, but things seem promising for not having to work too hard to swap puppehs for money. Which is a good thing, really, since none of us have a lot of spare time to spend advertising them.

I'll post pictures when the fuzzy little bundles of joy make their appearance.