Thursday, June 25, 2009


According to the Grape Vine, (and depending on who you ask) yesterday's excitement was the result of:

1. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation deciding that the drug problem in Boonie County is "out of hand" and taking matters into their own hands, resulting in their sending a narc down who then was suspected of being a narc and pulled a gun on someone to validate his criminalness.


2. This guy pulling a gun on someone for the second time in his short stay in our lovely county and this time the local authorities deciding there was "something to that first report after all maybe" and attempting to arrest the guy.


3. This guy telling one of the off duty officers how much easier it must be to live here instead of Colorado Springs, and proceeding to enumerate the illegal actions he's undertaken since he arrived, and hasn't been caught for, whereupon the off duty officer then called his buddy on duty and suggested that he make a routine traffic stop and check out this guy's truck.


4. A practice run for a reenactment for the show Cops.

The reasonably trustworthy facts seem to be thus:

The guy isn't local, in spite of your reporter's suspicions yesterday. The vehicle that I vaguely recognized from around town was in fact reportedly purchased from a local recently, had a temporary tag in the back window, but the guy had no proof of purchase. (How exactly does that work?!?)

He was, in fact, dragged out from underneath one of the vehicles in the junk strewn lot, with no reported tenderness for his fragile feelings (or skin) by the officers in question, and bundled into one of the vehicles that was not visible from your reporter's vantage point.

So, Kudos to the local departments for getting their man after all.

Doesn't make the Keystone Kops version of events any less funny, however.