Sunday, September 11, 2011


My heart goes out to all of those who lost friends and loved ones on this day ten years ago and the days following.

My thanks go out to the men and women who put on a uniform to protect and serve the rest of us in this country, be they military, police, firemen, or EMTs. Whether they were inspired by that event or had made that choice before then, it doesn't matter. Thank you all, past, present, and future.

That's all that really needs to be said, I think.

Friday, September 9, 2011


It appears that despite my utter lack of attention, this blog still exists... who knew?

Ok, ok, I know. I'm awful. I accept all accusations of bad bloggerhood and insincerely promise to do better in the future. Frankly, just not that much blogworthy has been happening, and if I start doing current events blogging that invites all of the crap I've always tried to avoid on this blog... so I'm quiet.

The last few months have just been boring, and most of the interesting stuff just won't make it on the blog. The adventure of learning to live with someone who's happiness actually matters to you probably provides plenty of blogfodder, but frankly a lot of it is no one else's business.

Besides, there haven't been any real fireworks. A few shots over respective bows in regards to various domestic details, but that's any roommate and just not interesting.

Survived an earthquake or three over a few days a while back. The first one was just a big thump. I thought the upstairs neighbors were throwing furniture at each other, which wouldn't have been entirely out of character. Then DM came out of the office/gunbunny room (formerly the master bedroom, but I was somehow convinced that giving up the big bedroom was a good move... and I'm still not entirely sure how it turned out that he was right) and said "Hey honey, have you ever been in an earthquake?"

"Um... I've lived most of my life in southeastern Colorado. Technically yes, since there's a fault line near by, geologically speaking, but not a noticeable one."*

"You have now."

Later that night, right about the time I was dozing off to sleep, another rumble came through, this one long enough to trigger the atavistic fear of the ground swallowing me whole or something ridiculous like that... and the not so ridiculous fear born from the knowledge that the building we live in is already settling oddly, to the point that we had to make allowances for the slope when positioning the gun safe.

It's odd, at the time I remember thinking "that doesn't sound anything like the earthquakes in the movies. Hollywood gets it wrong again, go figure." But two days later, the exposure to Hollywood's version had overwritten the soundtrack in my head. For a moment it also added an Indiana Jones-esque music track, but I stomped on that fairly immediately.

Other than that it's just life. Adventures in retail customer service but hell you can find those anywhere, and nothing major even there.

I'm happy, in love, and if I could wish for some more money, well, who couldn't? But I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, I've just been spending more time with my love than my computer... can you blame me?

*This portion of the conversation may have been edited to make me sound smarter since I realized most of this later. I don't recall exactly the phrasing I actually used, but it may have been something like "Bwuh? Um. No.... what?"