Friday, February 5, 2010

An Excellent Blog....

... That I've waffled on whether or not to link. But to hell with it, I love it and she's brilliant and I'll give a warning for those who may not wish to be confronted with these sorts of things.

What sorts of things, you ask? Why, sex, of course.

Quizzical Pussy is a delightfully straightforward blog addressing one of the four hundred pound gorillas in the room of society: sexuality.

The author approaches such things with a wonderfully open mind asking what may be the only important question in such things: Is it fun?

The things that she enjoys are not necessarily the things that I enjoy, but she's an excellent writer and even while I'm wondering why in the world, the writing (ok, and my never-ending curiosity paired with the fact that she usually does explain exactly why in the world...) carries me through the post.

It's very explicit, so if you're easily shocked, you may want to skip it.

If not, go, learn, enjoy. I love this blog and I adore the blogger... And on some points, frankly, I envy her.

She's got a place now on the never-updated blogroll, (with, of course, an explicit warning, so that I don't get nasty emails about surprising people with pictures of sex toys...) which should tell you how much I like the blog.