Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Feed Crew...

Is probably plotting a mutiny as we speak. I asked one of the girls that actually showed up early this morning to tell N to come over to the block barn when he got there, had F (called such because I already have an E) sweep in the arena barn, and let T and R feed and water out back and then told them to sweep the block barn. I even swept half of it.

When I went out and told T and R that they could start sweeping the block barn when they finished outside, T (the other supervisor) said "why can't you guys do it?"

"Because, I decided that everyone who was late more than once or just didn't show up this morning could make up the time they missed doing all the sweeping."

"Well, I'm glad you're an authority on everything."

"I am the supervisor."

R chimed in: "So is he."

Me: "Then he probably should have shown up this morning, huh?"

They're plotting to hang me right about now, I'm sure. But guess what? They swept. And Marilyn knows exactly why I had them all sweeping. And it's in the report, although I have a feeling that Marilyn is going to be sharing the story with the other instructors as soon as she sees them, she thought it was pretty funny.

Tsk Tsk.

This morning, three people, including myself, managed to show up for feed crew on time. The rest were late or absent entirely.

The ones who were late showed up eventually and did work... although I fed the entirety of the block barn, half of one side of the arena barn, and half of the pens outside myself. Normally, we break up into groups of two or three, and each barn and the pens has its own group that's responsible for it.

The one that didn't even bother to show up? The other supervisor, who hasn't done anything supervisory at all the whole feed crew.

There were two late yesterday too. I didn't mark it down because they got their work done and didn't make the rest of us stay too long.

I didn't mark it down this morning either. I have a better plan.

See, tonight is our last evening feed crew, which means its the last time we sweep. In the morning we'll just feed and water and we're done.

I think I want to hand over the barns to the next feed crew sparkling. And I think that everyone I've let slide on being late gets to do all of the sweeping. And they'll sweep until I'm satisfied. Or, I can always go back and put into my written report for the week who was late, didn't satisfy their responsibilities, or just slacked the hell off.

I'll remind them that I'm a writer and I can be completely truthful to the nth degree and still make it sound like they all stood around with their thumbs up their asses while the rest of us did all the work. Or, I can be just as truthful and make it sound like everything went fine and no one got in trouble except for the absences.

It's still a hell of a lot nicer than a real job would be, but I think it's fitting. Especially since most of them are the guys who avoid picking up a broom at all costs. And everyone who showed up on time, did their work and didn't complain? Gets to go home as soon as feeding and watering are done.

The ones that need this will hate me, but I'll be laughing my skinny white ass off while I'm perched somewhere watching them sweep.