Friday, October 5, 2007

Because I'm a Sitemeter Addict...

I check my sitemeter every day, and I usually check the referrals, now that I get them.

Item of note #1: AD accounts for a huge chunk of my referred visits. No, really, its a big chunk. Thanks AD!

Item of note #2: Technorati is way behind, because there are people that have linked to me that I'm getting referrals from, and they haven't shown up on Technorati. Hi new linkers! We appreciate your business, please come again, please talk me up so that my ego can be fed....

Item of note #3: I've been linked as a source for information on women's concealed carry on GlockTalk.... Thanks, Herr Glock! I hope that the piece I wrote is helpful!

A Note to the Inexperienced....

When you're going out dancing, it's usually not a good idea to wear something that constricts your breathing.

Corsets, no matter how cute they look, should be laced so that you can breathe. Otherwise, it'll mean an early night.

Oh, and Sparky? (Like he'll ever stumble across this but still...) You and your girlfriend can dance! I don't care how easy you say it is, I still can't dance like that.

But ya'll still suck for leaving early.