Monday, January 3, 2011

The Purse for Women Who Don't Carry Purses

So, I have a hard time carrying a purse. It just strikes me as a pain. I carry a bag to work but that's because I've started keeping more stuff on me than I can reasonably fit in my pockets.

When I carry a purse I'm likely to leave it sitting somewhere, or have to dig for ten minutes to find something, or, or, or.

But here is a purse that I at least wouldn't be able to forget in a restaurant.

I like that it's leather, because I like leather. The whole "made from recycled leather!" bit seems a little tree-huggery to me, but on the other hand I'm all for re-purposing stuff if it's still good.

The set up appears to be sensible and handy, with enough space to carry your junk but not enough to lose all of your junk in the other junk you throw in there because you have space for it.

Plus, it's a belt, too! Probably not sturdy enough to support a holster, frankly, but unless you forget your pants, you're not going to leave that one in the ladies' room. On a similar train of thought I'm really not sure how the logistics would work out when it came time to drop trou in the potty, but just like carrying a gun I'm sure something functional if not eloquent could be worked out.

I kinda want one. Maybe when my holiday pay from Christmas and New Years' Day comes in I'll splurge and get one in distressed chocolate, if only because the name of the color totally makes me think there ought to be an equal sign between the words... or evokes a mental image of a sniffling Hershey bar, take your pick. That is, if other expenses don't eat the time and a half before then.