Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Farmdad and I took a little trip out to see Evyl Robot and Jennifer and participate in the First Annual Central Oklahoma Gunblogger Shutenfest.

We all met up at the Robot family compound on Friday night for Smoked Chicken and Leg of Lamb. We visited, ate, drank and made plans for Saturday. Saturday morning we all headed out to Super Secret Location for an awesome time turning money into smoke and noise. The location was absolutely beautiful, the weather was excellent (maybe a little warm at times but I'm sure not complaining ) and the company was outstanding!

Once again on Sunday we headed out to the range site and had another fantastic day. Who can complain when you have Tannerite, Barretts and stampeding dinasaurs? We made splody targets out of everything including the kitchen sink! Stay tuned to Jennifer and Evyl's blogs for photos and videos.

Thank you Jen and Evyl for such a wonderful weekend! Now I must recover from my get away so life can get back to normal. I hope everyone there had as much fun as we did.