Sunday, September 6, 2009


I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to Tamora Pierce's books. I know, I know, they're "teen" books, but I fell in love with her writing and her characters years ago and I always want to know what great adventures they'll get up to next.

I've been waiting for Beka Cooper's next tale since I read the first one. She has to be one of my favorite characters from Pierce, along with Daine of course.

Since I've been busy with other things and had figured that Pierce was working on other series along with Beka's tale, I hadn't poked around to find out what was taking so long for the new book. So, the author's note in the back of Bloodhound was the first I'd heard of the brilliant lady's accident and recovery.

I feel kinda bad now for grumbling every time I was in a book store and didn't see the next installment.

Regardless, Bloodhound lives up to the wonderful tale-spinning standard I've come to expect from all of Pierce's books.

Highly recommended.