Monday, October 8, 2007

Good Workout, and Crossed Fingers

Monkey and I had a good workout today, we practiced loping things in class, a quick start to a lope, and then a circle, and then a quick stop from a lope, and then I took him out on the trail and we loped three circuits on the back loop of the trails. Which means absolutely nothing to anyone who hasn't been on the trails. Suffice to say it's about a quarter of a mile around, and we loped three of them straight. He was actually blowing some when we stopped.

Tomorrow the exterminator is coming at ten. I'll stash all of Pixel's stuff and Pixel in the bedroom and cross my fingers that she doesn't make too much noise while they're here. And also that I'm home when they come. I don't need the manager finding my cat, really I don't.


Still working on the adaptation of the accident story, but it's being postponed until I can finish my Lit paper.

Plus, it's proving more difficult to re-write than I had expected. Third person omnipotent is kicking my skinny white butt. I keep lapsing into first person.

And yet, I can't stop beating my head against it. Just goes to show that I may be too stubborn for my own good.