Friday, January 31, 2014

Yay Shift Work!

Got a new job that involves some swap around shift type stuff. Spent the last few days playing fun sleep schedule games.

B 12 is my friend.

Won't be talking much about the new job, since it's dispatching for the local Sheriff's Office and I can't talk about a good chunk of it, but if any entertaining bits that I can talk about come up I'll probably share.

Right now the funniest bit is that the deputy that responded to AD's great deer-killing accident at Blogorado 1 didn't realize until the fourth day of my training when he was told that that bunch of crazy people and the guy posing with the deer head was involved with me.

One of the other dispatchers got to remind him of it. She was the one who sent him on the call and remembered it when we were discussing the Elksplosion... because I showed her the pictures on the blog, she commented on the hat and cig, and I had to explain where that came from.

I think it's gonna be fun, based on the amount of laughter around the office during my training days.