Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Attention Shoppers

Important announcement for Christmas/Holiday shoppers everywhere:

Quit. Being. A Douche.

'Tis the season of peace on earth, good will towards man, family friends and love and.... theft from someone else's cart?

Come on people.

If you failed to get your butt out of bed in time to hit the store before all of that item was gone, then too bad.

This is especially despicable, in my mind, when it's kids' toys. I mean really, what exactly gives you the right to steal from one child to give to another?

Nothing, that's what, so stop doing it.

If that one thing happened to be the one thing that little Jimmy asked for this year (fairly unlikely, considering) then if you see someone who has that item in their cart, talk to them.

I know if I were purchasing something that I thought one of my nephews would like, that wasn't a special thing for them, and someone came to me saying that their child/grandchild/whatever had asked for that specific item and it was very important to the child, I would let them have it.

And how will the parent or grandparent feel if that thing was the one thing that Billy really, really wanted, and they scrimped and saved and worked overtime to be able to afford it and the other things they wanted to give to the child they love, and had it in their cart but when they got to the checkout, it was gone.

Stop being selfish little dillholes and think about what the season is supposed to be about for a minute. And while you're at it, why don't you pick up an extra toy or two and drop in the toy drive box, for the kids that aren't as lucky as the ones that you're buying for.

Generosity of spirit is a good thing people. Give a little if you're lucky enough to have a little extra, because some people don't have anything, and a ten dollar toy can bring a smile to a child that will warm the hearts of everyone around them.

Wouldn't you like to be able to say that you brought happiness to that many people this season, not because you bought them the most expensive gifts, and not because you braved four hour lines to get the hot toy this year, but just because you stopped thinking about yourself and liked the thought of bringing joy to a child's Christmas, without him or her ever knowing who you are.

That is the true spirit of the season.

So stop being a douche and go do something to make someone smile just because you can.