Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Do List:

1. Pack for the weekend. For me, and for the dog... I'm gonna have to borrow a tote or something from Mamaw for the pup's stuff, the bag I was going to use got... sidetracked, during the move.

2. Clean out the hazardous waste site that is my car and wash the windows. Considering how much crap I keep in my car, this may take all afternoon.

3. Wash dogs. Both pups need a bath, especially the fuzzy one (the schnauzer) and the Farmdog and I will be company this weekend, so she needs to look (and smell) her best.

4. Drop the fuzzy dog off at the Farm Parents' to save me time in the morning.

5. Try to get to sleep before midnight. This insomnia crap is really annoying me.

Tomorrow, I'll spend the day in the car. I'm gonna be saying thank god for satellite radio before I even make it to Amarillo.

On the bright side, I'll be taking my baby girl Farmdog to the same Petsmart where I got her... think she'll remember? I need to pick up a couple of things, so we're gonna stop on the way through.

Once I get back from my little mini vacation (neener) it'll be back to hauling hay and water, working on remodeling my house, and working with my ponies, along with the paying test rides for the horse rescue and the paying job helping to train horses to harness.

When folks tell me they envy me my leisurely country existance, I laugh, and laugh.

Usually I can stop laughing before they call the nice men in the white coats with the I Love Me jacket....