Thursday, October 9, 2008

Book Review

Ya'll know I don't do this often. I probably read ten or fifteen books minimum for every one I mention here, because this isn't really supposed to be a book blog, but I just got done reading The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright.

Folks, this one gave me the sniffles.

A young husband writes a letter on his wedding night, while his bride sleeps. In it he makes a promise; to write a letter to her every Wednesday for the rest of his life. And he keeps that promise. Fifty-two letters a year, for nearly forty years, through tragedy and triumph, and debilitating disease.

At the end of those forty years, he writes a final letter, while gazing once again at his bride lying alone in bed, this time dead of a heart attack. He writes the last letter, takes her into his arms, and joins her.

And that's just the beginning. Wright goes on to tell a tale of a grieving family, three siblings with their own histories, and the people who loved them, and their parents, all in the space between the deaths and the funeral.

If you haven't, go out and buy it. And then write a letter to someone you love....