Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I find myself in the unique position of having a blog that people read, and wanting to write in it to keep them happy... and not being able to.

There's a certain amount of running around with chocolate and coffee saying "Here Muse, here Muse, good Muse... please come back!"

There's also a certain amount of not spending any appreciable time in the apartment during which I can actually write. It's time to break out the notebooks and pens to carry with me everywhere. If I'm going to accomplish this whole getting paid for my writing thing, I'm gonna have to find the time to actually write.

In other news, its planting time in Farm Land, and apparently even if you're not actually on the farm you get pretty busy if you're a Farmgirl.

I've helped Mechanic Cowboy's brother and sister in law with their flower beds, and yesterday I was at the Old Homestead digging up Mamaw's new strawberry bed. Well, it's not a new bed, but nothing has been done in that bed for a couple of years. Knowing that, I voluntold myself to turn the bed with a shovel to break up the packed dirt, to make it easier on her and Farmmom when they were ready to plant.

There are fifty bare-root strawberry plants on their way. What I got done yesterday isn't going to hold all of them, but it's a start. It almost looks like you might be able to plant something there!

Things aren't likely to slow down any time soon, either. Mechanic Cowboy's eldest has another softball game tonight, and circumstances are such that his sister in law has to be elsewhere with her eldest, and Mechanic Cowboy himself has to go to a meeting for work. Farmgirl to the rescue, she'll be with me from about five fifteen until after Mechanic Cowboy gets out of his meeting around nine.

Then, sometime fairly soon, I'll be hopping back out on the road construction, to make some moolah, which will be a really good thing since my annual female check up cost me about two hundred dollars at the doctor's office yesterday. Yikes.

And, June seventh and eighth I'll be participating in the local Relay For Life Cancer Walk. We'll be walking all night of the seventh, to the morning of the eighth. I'll be wearing my knee braces.

If you want to participate in a Relay For Life event in your area, go to their website linked above. They've got a Find Event feature that will let you find out when and where the events are, and you can sign up or pledge money online.

Even if you haven't had the experience of losing someone, or nearly losing someone to cancer, its a good cause.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go strangle the neighbor's rat dog. I'll teach the damn thing "quiet" and "stay" at the same time....