Friday, November 13, 2009


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I'm so helpful, I can't hardly stand myself.
Just because Phlemmy made my head swell I will put up a couple of recipes here on FarmGirl's blog.

I will leave it up to you folks on what you want me to post. I will post with photos (if Farmdad and Farmgirl will help with that) because some of the directions will be "when it looks like this". I warn you now that most of my recipes are a splash of this or dash of that or what have you. So spicing is gonna be to taste. If you like it spicier add more! Take the recipes and make them your own.

The biggest majority of my recipes came from my mom and grandmother, various aunts and not least my mother-in- law and the best cook in the entire world, Farmdad's Grandmother. Grandma Sugar was bar none the best cook I have ever met in my life and I learned more from that woman than anyone else in this whole big world. She was an incredible woman and would be proud of her recipes being passed on. So tell me what Country Cooking recipes you want and I will try to pass them along.

And yes Phlemmy the Pan Gravy will be the first!