Friday, November 2, 2007

So sad...

Today was my last "official" riding class. The EBM horses are going home today, those of us who have our own horses can keep them here, and I'm keeping Monkey, until right before Thanksgiving break, but I don't have to show up for a specific class at the barn now. I'll probably go out at the same time, since that's when I have free time, but I can ride whenever, now.

The barn is going to seem really empty and lonely once all of the other horses are gone.

On the bright side there's a lot I can do to work with Monkey now that I don't have to worry about participating in class, and there will be a lot more room in the arena. Today was cold and windy, and I had the top arena to myself for a half an hour. I have to hit Big R and get a snaffle, since I've been using the school's, and I have to turn that in, and I need to see if I can find a martingale, since I was borrowing Dani's. If I can't find a martingale, I can always pick up a couple of rings and some rope and have one of the instructors help me make one.

I also need to register for my spring courses, so that I don't have to worry about it later. I'll stop in at Del's office some time and have him help me out with that.

Foal training starts soon... we'll be getting weanlings to halter break, which will be fun.

I can't believe that the semester is almost over....