Friday, February 20, 2009

You Little......!

Well. Swung by to check the cows on the way home from the chiropractor this afternoon.

May I say, I love my chiropractor?? She's an amazon of a woman, who never hesitates to yell at me when I throw myself too far out of whack and wait too long to go see her, but greets me every time with a hug and a smile regardless of how much work I make for her. She folds me into positions that ought to be impossible for the human body to achieve, and yet, I feel better when she's done.

Not to mention she has known me since I was tiny and has been my chiropractor since the first time I needed one. She knows all of my own personal body quirks, put me back together after six weeks in an immobilizer when I broke my arm, and just goes ahead and adjusts me all over because she knows that if one thing is out of whack I've probably thrown the rest of it out too.

Ok love fest over.

Anyway, checked on the cows and spent a little time just standing outside the car looking everyone over... and of course the curious calves had to check out the car.

Every one of my windows has the bovine stamp of approval (nose prints and slobbers,) along with all four tires.

Anyway, when I went to get back in the car I realized I'd left my driver's side window down.

I realized this because one of the larger calves was trying to figure out if my seat cover is edible.

Wild cattle that we have, I walked up close enough to smack the calf before he moved, and I shooed him back to the rest.

Then I looked down, and my soda cup was tipped to one side. Not spilled, but tipped in the cup holder.

And the straw was missing.

Little sucker tried to steal my soda and, failing... stole my straw!

That'll teach me to leave my window down, I guess...