Sunday, September 9, 2007

Brrrr and Rambling Thoughts

Going from around seventy five, eighty degrees yesterday morning while I was working with the bay, to 55 degrees this morning... brr. Welcome to Southeastern Colorado, where if you don't like the weather wait five minutes.

So, we played in the round pen a little bit before we had to give it up for E to work with someone else's horse, watched him work for a while, letting the Big Bay Wonder Horse look around and see all of the activity and just relax to it, which he did, and nibble on my jacket because the poor dear is just starving. Never mind the weight he's put on since being in a stall most of the time and getting good alfalfa hay every day, he wants you to think he's just perishing of hunger and should have some grain.

E wants me to try his gelding out.. he's wanting to just ride him around like a normal person so that the little guy doesn't get too stuck in steer-wrestling mode. Some horses, that's all they ever do, so that's all they know how to do... warm up, run like hell, and then get lazy. I'm not sure why he chose me to ride the guy, but hey, he seems like a sweetheart of a horse, so we'll see. May let E ride the bay while I'm riding his gelding, if he wants to. Won't hurt bubbah to deal with other riders, and E is good enough to stick on through his fights, unlike the kid that wanted to ride him Friday. It's not that I don't trust the kid's riding skills... I don't trust the bay. I know his quirks and what he tries to pull, so I can pre-empt him, that kid doesn't, and I don't want anyone getting hurt on my horse.

I know E can deal with it though, I've seen him ride out worse on his mare. And, I trust him not to let bubbah get away with his shenanigans, or cause problems that I'm going to have to fix. We'll see though, E may not want to ride him. It's only polite to offer, though.

Last night with the Best Friend was fun, we got my hair dyed, then went to the barn, with Best Friend looking her usual drop dead gorgeous perfect-in-public self, which gave me lots of entertainment, because she was a little out of place, although she didn't get all "ewwww" over things, I was proud of her.

However... after I finished my duties we went out back to bs with E because, well, Best Friend had heard a lot about him and wanted to meet him... And E and R were watering... R couldn't stop staring, and E turned into more of a chatter box than ever, filling water buckets to over flowing. I swear, if E was white, he'd have been bright red the whole time. I suspect he was blushing, but since he's a long tall drink of dark chocolate hot cocoa, I couldn't tell. Best Friend said she'd never felt stared at quite as intensely as R was doing it, and then she paused, tilted her head to the side and said "E has such beautiful eyelashes... it's not fair."

After the barn we came back and she finished my hair with a trim, and we got ready to go out. She did my makeup, because she likes doing that, and we drove around for a while, ran out to the race track (cars, not horses) and took her old phone to her sister in law, said hi to her dad and her brothers and her husband, and I proved that I can indeed run in my high heeled boots, when I chased after one of her brothers for saying "All right! Who called for the hookers?"

We've all known each other long enough that all I had to do was take one step towards him and he took off running. Of course, when we were all kids I used to tackle him in their yard and give him wedgies... he's bigger now, though, I'm not sure I could get him down, but at least the training has held. *snicker*

So yeah, I'm gonna end the rambling thoughts here. If you read through all of this, congratulations, you're persistent, you get a gold star!