Sunday, December 6, 2009

People's Press Collective

Last night at the book signing I met three of the guys from The People's Press Collective... since they gave me a button, I decided to pimp their site.

Actually, if you're in the Denver area and interested in Second Amendment Activism and generally just getting around the bias of the main stream media, it's a good site to check out.

They're far more motivated than I am.

Eldest Nephew

Since Bro and Sis In Law okayed it, the Farmparents decided to get Eldest nephew a very special Christmas present this year which he is going to love.

This year, Eldest Nephew gets his first rifle, a Savage .22 youth model. We picked it up yesterday on the way to the book signing, from the place where Salamander works. It was an excellent excuse to visit with him again and meet the Newt who is just cute as a button.

Eldest Nephew will probably ask to go shooting as soon as he opens his present, as he loves shooting with his dad but having to have help to support the big people .22's has been beginning to disappoint him. Now he'll be able to start learning marksmanship for himself.

I predict a happy munchkin come Christmastime.