Friday, January 31, 2014

Yay Shift Work!

Got a new job that involves some swap around shift type stuff. Spent the last few days playing fun sleep schedule games.

B 12 is my friend.

Won't be talking much about the new job, since it's dispatching for the local Sheriff's Office and I can't talk about a good chunk of it, but if any entertaining bits that I can talk about come up I'll probably share.

Right now the funniest bit is that the deputy that responded to AD's great deer-killing accident at Blogorado 1 didn't realize until the fourth day of my training when he was told that that bunch of crazy people and the guy posing with the deer head was involved with me.

One of the other dispatchers got to remind him of it. She was the one who sent him on the call and remembered it when we were discussing the Elksplosion... because I showed her the pictures on the blog, she commented on the hat and cig, and I had to explain where that came from.

I think it's gonna be fun, based on the amount of laughter around the office during my training days.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Farewell, Freind

Tonight, the world lost a little of it's sunshine. A good friend of ours passed away after a long fight with liver failure.

I had known this man literally as long as I could remember. I went to school with his son, he was a friend of Farmdad's, and I can recall a lot of time spent hanging around looking for trouble to get into in his shop. He had a huge heart and a laugh so infectious the CDC really should have known about it. 

He never, ever gave up. I swear, he was a poster child for living life to the fullest, and for taking everything life could throw at you and tossing it back with a grin. If I know anything about laughing in the face of life, I learned at least a part of it from him.

Some of the Blogorado crew got to meet him, that first year. Those who didn't, missed out, I think. Though, I think anyone anywhere who didn't get the chance to know this man lost out, so take that for what it's worth. 

Rest easy, Jesse. I am proud to have known you, and I will never forget the lessons you taught me, intentional or not. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Retail Pot

Well it's been available for two days now and nothing horrible has happened.

Perusing a list of licensed retailers, I see that there are a couple about three hours from me, but I'm not going to be running out to buy my legal ounce. It's not part of my lifestyle, and that's where the doom sayers fail to recognize human nature.

See, for those of us who haven't been smoking pot recreationally, this change pretty much means... nothing. Just because it's legal doesn't increase the desire for it. And, anyone who is a pothead today was a pothead last week. Maybe some people will try it because it's legal, but I foresee far more tourist dollars from experimenters than in-state.

On top of which, the current retailers were already medical marijuana dispensaries, since the licensing regulations gave them a head start (like, no straight retail licenses effective until next year) and they'll be desperately trying to make as much money as they can before it becomes more widely available. Unfortunately the only real advantage they have over the illegal market is the availability of the alternate delivery methods... tinctures, candies, sodas, and other sundry consumables.

The reason I say that is because with a 40% tax they can't match "black market" prices. See again, anyone who is a pothead today was a pothead last week, they're not going to have a problem with buying it illegally, since they've become quite accustomed to breaking that particular law already.

Meanwhile, the press is painting this as an amazing experiment in legal pot, watched worldwide. Holland, however, is sitting back munching brownies and saying "I told you so, man. Want some recipes?"

Seriously, this is only an experiment in public opinion, since the availability of marijuana, in large part the usage, and for sure the methodology is not actually going to change for those toking up.

There aren't many retail stores available either, but never fear, Colorado residents. If you want to exercise your new found freedom to spark up a doobie, you don't have to drive for hours to acquire your legal ounce... You can grow it!

Six plants per person, says the state law, grown in an enclosed and locked space, with three of them being allowed to be flowering at any one time. Harvest must be kept in the locked enclosed space as well, but you can give your friends up to an ounce at a time, if they're also Colorado residents.

Out of staters are only allowed to have a quarter of an ounce at a time, and are reminded that many ski areas are located on federal lands, where pot is still illegal.

If you have a burning need to experience the mind altering joys of "puff puff pass" by all means come visit. Unfortunately since my county voted against allowing retailers, you won't be giving your tourist dollars to my area, but what the hell, rock the ganj anyway if you want.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year

If you're looking for some kind of uplifting, deep thinking, high hoping schmutz here, I ain't got it.

Other things I ain't got include resolutions, so you won't find that here either.

I've always been a sort of plan for the worst and hope for the best kind of person and I figure 2014 will continue to prove to me that that's probably the least stressful way to go about life without giving up on caring entirely.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not being a Debbie Downer here... I just don't know what 2014 is going to bring yet. There are goals I want to accomplish and things I want to start doing more, and others I want to start doing less, but those decisions and the steps to start implementing them started months ago, for the most part, so making them resolutions doesn't make much sense.

What I do know about 2014 is that I'll take whatever it throws at me and come out still breathing, still kicking, and still able to find something (some days anything) to smile about. I'll keep loving those that I care about, and being the best person I can be. I'll cherish the friendships I have and the memories of those that I've lost over the years, just like before.

I'll be a shoulder for some friends, a vent for others, and they'll variously do the same for me.

And at the end of this year, as with the last, if I've been honest with myself and stuck by my own lights for what is right, I won't have anything to be ashamed of, and hopefully I'll have a few things to be proud of.

And that's really it. I hope for all of my readers a happy, healthy year, full of laughter instead of tears, but being a pragmatist, I advise you all to stock up on Kleenex anyway. It's not like it goes bad after all, and there's always flu season....