Sunday, September 23, 2007

This horse will never have a permanent name....

So yeah after weeks of agonizing and wracking my brains for a name for The Big Bay Wonder Horse, I settled on Bubbah. I even thought of him as Bubbah. I thought his name was Bubbah.

Found out this morning how wrong I was.

His name is Monkey.

Why is his name Monkey, you ask?

Because that's what he comes to.

I'm not kidding.

Apparently all of these weeks of walking in, looking at his stall and saying "You are a disgusting little monkey, bubbah," or watching him play in the round pen and saying "Come on, bubbah, you silly monkey, time to go back to the barn," have taught him not that his name is bubbah, but that his name is Monkey.

I had to feed a couple of the rodeo horses today, the rodeo team is back but they arrived home at four in the morning, so I was asked to cover again today (I got a panicked call from E yesterday morning.)

So anyway, I had extra chores this morning so I put the Big Bay Wonder Horse in the round pen and let him goof off while I cleaned his stall, put his hay in his tire, filled his water buckets, AND walked across to the pens by the arena and searched in vain for the hay that's supposed to be kept back there... walked back to the barn, got my car, pulled up by the barn door, loaded half a bale of hay in my trunk, which didn't fit because I have cases of bottled water in there, drove back down to the pens with my white trash transport mode (something in the trunk that doesn't fit, trunk lid open and whatever oversized piece of junk that's keeping it from closing hanging half out) and fed and watered those horses, before taking my car back to the parking lot and hiking back to the round pen to get my horse and put him away.

Every time I walked by he was coming to the gate, wanting to go back to his stall because he knew there was food there by now. Except when I actually went to get him, then he was being stuck up.

"Come on bubbah, time to go back to the barn."

"Hey, I'm over here, I have your halter, there's alfalfa in your stall...."

"Hey! Come here, you silly monkey!"

And he finally came right over to me.

So, Farmmom, I'm sorry, but your horse has decided that his name is Monkey. I swear I called him Bubbah more than I mentioned Monkey, but he has made his wishes clear.

At least until he decides to change his mind and stop answering to anything.