Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coolest. Job. Evar.

So, I got a new job. I gotta say, it seemed like the same old same old until today when I discovered that I now have an awesome job.

See, I started working at a liquor store. Today, one of the distribution reps came in, and he had a couple of new things to try and sell the boss on.

Rep hauls in this bottle of bourbon, starts talking about price points and bulk deals, boss says "Can I open it?" Rep says "If you're going to sample it, go ahead. I haven't had a chance to yet either."

So the boss opens this higher-end bottle of bourbon and pours three little cups... probably a little less than a shot, and hands me one. Apparently, this is a fairly common practice when the reps start pushing a new liquor.

My first comment after tasting it was "Damn, now I have to spend sixty bucks on a bottle of bourbon."

This particular bourbon was from Peach Street Distillers. Not a new company, just new to this distributor, or getting a sales push, or whatever.

However it happened, I definitely got to benefit.

I'm looking forward to the reps getting more new stuff... and I hope I'm there when they come in!