Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Puppy Home Needed

As you may know, my dear friends The Nerds have Akitas, and they've bred a couple of litters out of their female.

Adorable fuzzy pups, little bears. Well, look:

That's Major. Her litter name was picked because two of the females in the litter had face blazes like that, Major has the big one, and Minor (who has a home and a new name already) has the small one. 

The reason Major doesn't have a home yet is because she's a very special case. See, she's got some heart problems. At the moment she's a perfectly normal little pup, but as she grows they may cause more issues. I'll let LabRat explain the technical bits, because she's better at it than I am. 

Point is, this little love needs a very special home, somewhere that can afford the costs for the care she'll need going on. She's most certainly not a hopeless case, at this stage nothing is particularly certain. Chances are she'll have a shorter life than most Akitas, yes. But having met her mother and brother and spent time with them, I can tell you that whoever ends up with this gorgeous little girl will be richer for the experience. 

I would take her in a heartbeat, problems and all, if I had the money to handle the ongoing vet costs. I've commented before that down the road when we're shy a dog or two I would definitely consider an Akita. Yes, they're stubborn, not nearly as praise-driven as most other breeds, and can be a challenge. The line I've known is also very loving, and there's something heart melting about having a head bigger than your own laid on your lap for some love. I would happily give her a home and all the love she needs, if I had the ability. I haven't even met her yet and my Sucker tattoo has been flaring up ever since they first figured out she had a heart murmur, before the cause was even discovered. 

But, I know my limitations. Barring winning the lottery or discovering a long lost rich uncle that died and left me his entire fortune, I just can't do it. Surgery and ongoing cardiologist checkups which would be a long drive on top of the vet costs is just out of my reach at this point.

So, I ask you, dear readers, help LabRat find a home for this beautiful pup. She deserves a forever family who can give her the special place in their hearts that she needs. I know times are tough all over and many of you may not be able to cover vet costs any more than I can, but spread the word, on your blogs, at your work, talk to your dentist! 

The Nerds have already laid out a decent amount of cash to find out what she had going on, and will again if she doesn't find a home before it's time to go back to the puppy cardiologist. If you don't know anyone that could take this wonderful baby, but still want to help, I'll pass on any donations dropped in my tip jar, since they don't have their own. Just put "For Major" in the note or email me letting me know and I'll make sure it gets to them. 

She's gonna light up somebody's life, people. Let's help her find that somebody!