Thursday, July 15, 2010

..... Seriously?!?

Not long after I posted about the Nook drama, dad txted me to let me know I had received a package from Barnes and Noble. I figured it was part of my accessories... although it would have been extremely quick shipping if that were the case.

But then I picked up the box... and it was remarkably similar in weight to the one that had contained my Nook....

Naw, I thought to myself. Couldn't be. I opened the box and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the case I had ordered.

But... that was an awful lot of foam in the bottom of the box...

Yes. Another Nook. Sent from a fabulous, wonderful, sweet, caring, silly man who really ought to be better at this whole secret thing, considering his background. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Really, I am one lucky little shit, to have friends, and family, and readers, like I do.

Of course, I'm letting this post serve as official notice that I really, really, really want a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 with seat warmers, a tool box, fifth wheel hitch, grill guard, and not essential but highly desirable, a bed full of ammunition.

*wanders off to wait for its magical arrival...*

Nook Drama

So, not long after I posted my drooling lovefest for the Nook and professed my deeply held desire to own one, reader Mike commented.

"Get me your address," he said, "and I'll send you one."

My ingrained discomfort with people giving me expensive gifts (remember, I told the fam to go together on it in that post...) warred with my lust for the little device for a while, but in the end, lust won out. I asked Mike to drop the cash in my tip jar instead of giving out my address, and he graciously understood my desire to protect my sooper secret identity.

"Just don't spend it on anything responsible, like a kidney or tuition." He said.

The money arrived and I... got a little excited. I immediately went to Barnes & Noble's website and began ordering my nook. Only to have Farmmom message me in IRC saying "DON'T ORDER A NOOK I HAVE ONE SITTING RIGHT HERE!"

With just a touch more profanity.

See, Farmmom and Mamaw had conspired and ordered me one for my birthday before we ever went to Denver and I got a chance to play with one.

It arrived Tuesday, a few hours before I tried to order one for myself.

So, I emailed Mike and explained the situation, and asked if he would prefer I return the money or solemnly swear to spend it irresponsibly. He told me to splurge, and so I ordered the accessories I wanted, and transferred the rest into my bank account (it should be there in a few days, damn PayPal for being so slow!) to buy ebooks.

The items I ordered have been shipped and will hopefully be here in a few days. Pictures to go up when they arrive, as proof of my being irresponsible.

And I'll just say here that I have the coolest readers ever, and a big Thank You to Mike for the sentiment and the mad money.

Each and every one of my readers rock, just for being here and reading... but to know that I have readers who are willing to throw down hard earned cash to make a person (me or not) smile... well. That's just amazing.