Monday, April 13, 2009

This Week...

Tomorrow: Cattle sale. Looking for more jeans in the irregulars section of the western store in that town. What can I say, irregulars in Wranglers are rarely badly disfigured, and they're about half price of the fancy stuff.

Wednesday: Catch horses, place in pen for easy loading Thursday. Oil my saddle and put a quick clean on grandpa's... since I fully intend to steal it for the day Thursday so I don't have to strip a saddle to switch horses. Set up a pot and plant my baby spinach. Start the rest of my herbs in the little hothouse thingymabobber we got today. Go to class, do a presentation on bits that I haven't written yet.

Thursday: Haul horses to the barn, and ride in the fancy indoor. I gotta do it just once, and I got the go ahead. I figure I'll take Monkey and Etta both up. Monkey will show off because he is a show off, and Etta will make the rest of the horses look like nags because she's smart and can do twice what the older horses can in some cases.

Friday: Um. I dunno. There'll be something I'm sure.

Saturday: Run away with Best Friend R, and funkify my hair. 'Tis time to be a little weird.

Next few days are gonna be busy, though. I'm lovin it!