Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thank God It's Over

Yay! Crass commercial exploitation of a long-standing argument between the sexes!!!

...... Scuse me a moment while I mop up my sarcasm.

Ok, now that that's done...

Today was just another day for me. Sure, I had reminders that I'd rather have skipped, but hell, I'm almost getting used to that.

Also, the day pretty much sucked from the standpoint of accomplishing things...

Someone turned my horses out of the corral, so I couldn't take them up to D. Couldn't take time to catch them again today, because if we did, we'd miss the start of the sale.

Which would have been the whole reason I put the damn horses in the corral in the first place.

Went to the sale, they didn't have any billy goats. Had a couple of kids that would one day grow up to be billys, but we really weren't looking to buy bait.

There weren't even more than a couple of good views at the sale...

I tell ya, it was a hell of a waste of good Wranglers, in that place today.