Monday, January 21, 2008


It is freaking cold here today. Plus there's drama. Of course there's drama.

E forgot to confirm with JJ that he had a horse coming. So, there was stress this morning. Turns out, E will be riding three colts this semester, unless one gets sent home as psycho.

Plus, Sparky is coming back! I only found this out this morning, and he needs a horse. Well, I had promised him last semester that if he came back he could have Red to ride. So, Red is coming up and Legs is getting moved to Walsh to hang out with some other horses until I can get arrangements made otherwise. I'm glad that we'll have Sparky again, but it did put me in a little bit of a pickle. It's all worked out now, as long as we can find a truck to pull the little sucker up here. Mom's truck is still being switched over to run on propane, and the truck she's been driving went to crap on her this morning. Hopefully that one will be out of the shop today.

Meanwhile, I've spent most of the morning at the barn, Marilyn let all of her classes out early so that the HTM kids could pick their horses, and I've been getting things set up on getting horses shuffled around. I've got enough layers on to keep most of me warm, but my toes were solid ice when I got back from the barn. I solved that dilemma though.

Pantyhose, footie socks, thermal socks, normal socks, longhandles, jeans, sports bra, thermal shirt, t shirt, Carhartt hoodie, Carhartt coat, two hoods and a Carhartt stocking cap, a scarf, and insulated gloves.

I might be able to get through class at the barn without something freezing off. Thank whatever weather deities that want to take credit the weather is supposed to start warming up starting tomorrow. I can barely get my feet in my boots now, I'm not sure how I'd add another layer on my feet.