Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Return of Red

Well, Sparky is back, and so is Red. Marilyn, as she did last year, had someone ride all the horses that weren't owned by their riders. I offered to ride Red because, well, he's mine, and I kind of know his tricks.

I made Sparky do the work of saddling him, though.

Rode Sparky's saddle, which isn't half bad as far as grip goes, but I don't like his stirrups.

Anyway, the little sucker tried to go haywire on me when I was putting weight on the stirrup and testing him (see? I do know his tricks) and my boot got a little bound up in the stirrup, nothing major, but I thought the boot was going to have to come off, so all I could do was relax the leg, which put me off balance, which dumped me on my butt, with one hand hanging on to the rein for dear life. I wasn't about to let that little sucker go.

After that he let me in the saddle, and we did a little bit of prancing and dancing, but we did ok. That is, until I tried to kick him up into a lope... then he gave me about three strides and broke in two. Which pissed me off so I'm sitting on top of this stubby little pony lookin horse getting my skeleton shook up and cussing at him through gritted teeth. He didn't get me off, but he tried again the next time I tried for a lope. Didn't work that time either. I walked and trotted him around a bit more and when he was listening to cues fairly well (for him) at those gaits I went ahead and handed him off to Sparky.

Didn't get to watch Sparky rodeo, though, he didn't try for a lope.

Maybe tomorrow.

Meanwhile I'll probably have my own issues tomorrow, because I didn't get Monkey rode today.

Oh, and Marilyn didn't get to see this rodeo either, she was up at the round pens. She just can't get a break when it comes to getting to see me when my horses really go for broke.