Saturday, February 2, 2008

Just Call Me Miz Fixit

Mamaw has kept me pretty busy this weekend, but I've still had time to relax some.

First it was the screen on the window. The nails holding it (it used to have hangars but the frame has been re-built so many times it's barely recognizable) had come loose and needed replacing or adjustment. So I got that done, as soon as it warmed up enough to be outside for any length of time.

Then it was running a couple of errands. And reminding her how to print recipes off of Food Network's website in the format she likes.

I also put together the presentation for Eval Monday, and worked a bit on the Creative Writing piece due Tuesday. I'll do the Repro paper tomorrow night, it won't take me two hours to put together what I need for that one.

Then, when the Farmparents came over for dinner, we learned that Farmmom had made an unprovoked attack on a poor, defenseless chair. She hauled off and kicked the thing out of the blue, for no reason at all. In all probability she managed to give herself a broken toe, maybe two. So I taped them up for the night too.

I figure she'll have the tape pulled off by seven tomorrow morning. It's bound to be uncomfortable, I taped all of her small toes together because the only one that *wasn't* swollen was the pinky toe. My main goal was to keep them from flexing side to side while she was in bed tonight. We'll see how she feels in the morning.

Also, in coming attractions, Mamaw will be leaving for Oklahoma in the morning, and this time, she's taking Bill's cat. This cat has never traveled more than a couple of blocks, and she's heading out on an eleven hour drive with him. To arrive in a place that contains smells that he's never smelled before.

This is the same cat that gets pissed off and stressed out every time they leave and starts puking all over the house.

I'll be laughing my silly white butt off every time she calls.

I half expect her to wake me up in the morning to get him in the cat carrier.