Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Other News

While I know people* love their Kindles, I'm intrigued by B&N's Nook. The Nook and the Kindle both have the same kind of display, display size, adjustable text size, etc.

What Nook has that Kindle doesn't is what makes me want a Nook instead of a Kindle (not that I'll get either any time soon because I just can't afford it)... Nook has Wi-fi, including free Wi-fi in B&N stores. It also has a new beta software pack to allow some web surfing.

Nook has a microSD slot, too, for more memory. B&N offers more ebooks in Nook's format than Amazon does in Kindle's, more than a million titles, so the memory expansion might actually be needed. Five hundred thousand of those titles are free, and you can read any ebook free while sitting in a B&N store... Up to an hour of reading time without buying the book per day.

Nook also offers the ability to lend your ebooks without lending your device, sharing the book between blackberries, pc's, and Apple devices. I think there's an imposed time limit, two weeks, IIRC, but still.

Hardware wise, Nook has a color touch screen below the reading screen for browsing your books, and you can browse your library by cover art through this screen. It also has a replaceable battery, which I like.

If I had a spare three hundred bucks laying around I'd buy the Nook. Unfortunately, I don't, so I'll just sit here and sigh at it, unless some generous reader wants to show their appreciation......

Anyone? Anyone? ....... Yeah, I didn't think so, but it was worth a shot.

*I'm looking at you, Alan and yes this post is mostly to make fun of you. Deal with it.

A Couple Things...

First off, for those of you who loved Monster Hunter International and are waiting eagerly for the next installment of Owen Pitt greatness (but have somehow been living under a rock and not seen this on Larry's blog) Monster Hunter Vendetta is available as an Electronic Advanced Reader Copy (E-ARC is, I believe, the proper acronym) for fifteen dollars. Sure, it's more than the paperback or the later ebook will be, but you get to read it NOW instead of waiting until September.

Believe me, you're gonna love it.

Also, things are going well with the filly, she's learning quickly. This afternoon we're going to start ground driving, and if she grasps that as quickly as she's been grasping everything else, I may go ahead and get the first ride in while she's kind of wore out from the other work. That way she won't have quite so much enthusiasm when she's trying to get me off her back.

In any case, it'll be today or tomorrow. She's dealt well with the steps up to this point so I don't see any major issues with ground driving... she may get a little excited but she seems to have settled quite a bit since I sacked her out the other day. It's amazing how much can be accomplished with an hour and a plastic sack.

May have pictures for ya'll if Farmmom feels obliging.... little girl looks pretty good under saddle, even when shes got her annoyed face on.