Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Ok, anyone who feels the need can blame this one on Ambulance Driver.

What in the world is with all of the "enhancement products" out there?!?

I mean, I can see it for those among us who have a physical inability to be intimate with their spouse. Thats a legitimate thing, and I have no problem with that.

But whyinhell would a 24 year old guy take Viagra???

You're not incapable. There is nothing wrong with the way things function, especially if I listen to your little "not-girlfriend".

So why? I mean seriously, when I found out about it, from you no less, I really did hope you'd wind up with some of that permanent wood they're always warning about, and have to face down the doctors' laughter.

Apparently, this is a trend.

Of course, with every other email in *my* inbox being spam about "satisfie her bettr" and "add 1nches!" I shouldn't be surprised.

What is with the male obsession with their reproductive parts? I haven't yet run across a conversation in public where a group of women were sitting around discussing who had the better vagina. And yet, I have overheard guys in public places discussing not only who's was bigger but how they "rocked her world" last night.

Bubbah, if you're walking straight and talking coherently, you may have given her a lot of fun, but you certainly didn't "rock" her "world."

And the commercials... ugh. Whoever thought up 'ol Bob needs to get some new and better drugs because whatever he's on is giving him a bad trip.

Testosterone Poisoning EVERYWHERE!!!