Sunday, December 16, 2007

Congratulations E!!!

Got a call from E today, he had some news.

Seems he checked his voicemail down here, and he had a message from Del. This, of course, sent Ed into a panic. He thought he'd failed his Speech final.

Turns out there was someone looking for E, and Del was passing on the message.

As soon as E gets back, he'll be employed on a local ranch. And training cutting horses. I'm so happy for him, it's a sweet set up. He'll have a house on the ranch, and he'll be able to show, which is what he's been working towards.

I guess the ranch owner (who's family has trained some pretty spiffy cutting horses in the past, I'm not up on their recent work, but they go way back with my family, cutting for fun and buying horses from us) has heard so much good about E that when he needed a hand, he went looking for good ol' E himself.

He was vibrating on the phone, he's so happy about this. And I'm just as happy for him.

Congratulations, E. No one deserves a break more.