Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I can't be doing that bad...

Today we were in the indoor arena, after the HTM kids finished their quiz, and we did a bunch of different races. One of the races was to go to the end of the arena, get off, walk around your horse, get back on, trot a small circle, and lope back.

Now, Monkey is considered one of the "spooky" horses out of all of the horses in the class. And, at times, he is spooky. But, I got off my horse (flying dismount, which he's getting used to) told him stand, walked all the way around him, and got back on, and he never moved a foot. Meanwhile my counterpart on the other team is busy chasing their horse down the arena because the horse spooked. And that horse is considered one of the calm ones.

Also, after class, when there was only three of us in the arena, I decided to do a little experimenting, because I was bored. So, I tied my reins in a knot, dropped them over the saddle horn, and rode solely on leg signals for a few minutes. He did pretty good, nothing like a bitless reining pattern or anything, but other than some issues with stopping without the reins, and not wanting to turn into the fence a couple of times to do a roll back, he listened to my leg signals and my seat really well. We even loped circles on leg pressure alone. To the right, which is his good direction, but he did lope past the gate after a left turn, which is one of the things we've been having issues with.

I'm pretty danged proud of him, and myself, tonight.


I gotta work on getting some more raunchy humor up here. I just re checked the blog rating thing and I'm at a G rating.

There's something seriously wrong with that.....

Update on the Kitten Situation

I've been watching for signs of the impending arrival of the fuzzy little ones, because there is no way I'm letting Pixel give birth under my bed, which is where she's been hanging out.

The first major sign came today. See, Pixel cat hates having her belly rubbed. Unless she's within a week or two of having kittens. Then she'll roll onto her back and purr her head off when you rub her belly.

She's doing that now. So, starting today, she'll be shut in the bathroom with her kitten box whenever I'm out of the house.

I don't think she's going to go into kitty labor in the next few hours or anything, but this way she'll be used to only having the box with it's nice soft towel to hang out in. Plus, she is a cat, and cats are notorious for surprising you with these things.

When the little fuzzballs come into the world I'll be sure to post pictures for everyone.

I got nothing

Nothing interesting is happening, so ya'll will just have to be patient. I'm still working on the re-write, it's just not ready for public consumption yet.

The only interesting thing going on is that my favorite internet radio station ever has decided since my interview on Blog Talk that I have to do a show there.

Now the big cheese over there just has to find someone to co-host with me, and teach me everything about the programming. I figure that buys me six months or so, since I've seen that program at work, and frankly it's kind of intimidating.