Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I got nothing

Nothing interesting is happening, so ya'll will just have to be patient. I'm still working on the re-write, it's just not ready for public consumption yet.

The only interesting thing going on is that my favorite internet radio station ever has decided since my interview on Blog Talk that I have to do a show there.

Now the big cheese over there just has to find someone to co-host with me, and teach me everything about the programming. I figure that buys me six months or so, since I've seen that program at work, and frankly it's kind of intimidating.


Anonymous said...

You don't sound to me like you got nothing... just had to give yourself till later in the day and let a little more life happen.


Gareth said...

And there I was thinking this would be blamed on me somehow ... though I'm sure it will be ...

Anonymous said...

Nahhh... half the country will probably just blame it on George W. Bush.

mustanger... again.