Thursday, July 3, 2008

Random Things

1. It's more difficult than you think to accomplish any writing with three kids in the room. Even if they're engrossed with the television. Commercials are the enemy.

2. I don't care who you are, you are not going to please all three children no matter what you put on. I vote with Eldest Child, though... If I have to watch Dora one more time this week I'm going to shoot the TV.

3. I really, really don't want to spend any more time critiquing Traci's chapters. I love the woman to death, and I normally wouldn't mind helping her out... the stuff she shared with the class was actually pretty good. But this stuff is... well, its rougher than a row boat in a hurricane. On the one hand I'm cringing and pulling my hair out because she's making silly slip-ups, and on the other, I'm trying to balance my critique to be constructive. I think I'm doing pretty well, in spite of putting off the last chapter. I haven't said "You know better than this!!" I have, however, been putting comments in wherever thoughts occur that bring me out of the story.

4. Moving cows this weekend, so I'll be at the Old Homestead Friday, and riding, if not Friday, then Saturday. Must remind Monkey of how things work under saddle for Farmmom, and try out Etta and Legs. Whichever behaves better will be my mount for cattle pushing. Farmmom is taking bets on whether or not I'll get tossed.

5. I'm seriously considering bribing my doctor to write me a note saying that I need my dog with me for my mental health. I miss my puppy.

6. Now I understand all those times when I was growing up when I ran through the kitchen just in time to hear Farmmom mutter "God, I can't wait until school starts again!"

Edit: 7. I'm the third search result on Google for estrogen poisoning.