Thursday, April 7, 2011

Male Chauvinist Guinea Pig

Since we appear to be the perfect image of one of those couples in which the man wears the pants and the woman is the little lady who stays home and cooks and cleans etc (on the surface only anyone who knows us knows better) DM has been attempting to play the role of the Chauvinist Pig on occasion.

Problem is, he just can't pull it off. He'll tell me to make him a sandwich or something, and he can't keep a straight face. I can be in another room and I can hear the lack of a straight face.

About half the time he'll get halfway through with a straight face and then feel it going wrong and break off with a "Damnit, I thought I had it that time..."

He keeps trying though, he's determined that he's gonna make it one day, but until then, he's just my Male Chauvinist Guinea Pig.