Thursday, December 4, 2008


Preparing for the Ever Dreaded Finals, catching up on things that I missed when I was helping with grandpa, and friends have really sucked up the time.

I promise, it won't be this way forever. Finals are next week, friends, well, I'm keeping them around, cause they're fun.

I.E. Last night when Sparky, SB (you haven't heard about him... he's from the next town over, and while we haven't hung in a while since he's been at the college we have been. It's a taste of home..) and I hung out and had a few beers. I didn't realize how much I missed the people I used to hang out with until SB said something smartassed, I poked him in the ribs and it turned into a battle of epic proportions.

No one has had the guts to try to wrestle with me in a while. I have sharp elbows, and I'm slippery.

Fun was had by all, including Sparky, who stayed out of the line of fire and made comments like "doesn't that hurt?" "how do you bend like that?" and "don't you choke drinking beer when you're upside down?"

Not to mention "Jeez, that looked like it hurt!"

Ahh, memories.