Thursday, October 25, 2007

Young and Stupid, and A Bad Influence

That's what I am.

In my defense, one of the girls made a conscious decision to get trashed last night, and I was under the impression that Sparky had drank more than he actually had before last night.

Yeah, first time drinker girl, and second time drinker guy. The girl, we plied with tequila and dr pepper, then screwdrivers.

Sparky expressed a wish to catch up, when he arrived a few hours after we'd all already gotten good and going, so we fed him shots. Of tequila, rum, and vodka, alternating.

He made it all the way back to his dorm before he started calling dinosaurs.

It was fun, though.

Tonight, T's birthday party at Opals. I gotta get a shower and get cleaned up, he'll be here around seven. I'm gonna be soo dead tired tomorrow....

But it's totally worth it.