Monday, September 1, 2008

The Pup

So. The Farmdog, aka Noel, aka Fat Dog, aka "who'smylittlepudgypuppy??" has had, pretty much since her adoption into the Farm Family, a small multicolored crab that has the unique ability to squeak.

This crab, known as "Squeaky", was the second noise toy miss Noel had. The first was a fake lambskin covered stuffed toy with a small squeaker in it, which she promptly shredded.

She didn't get Squeaky for a few months after that, and then with the admonition that if she tore him up, she wouldn't get another one.

That is the best taken care of dog toy in the history of dogdom. Unfortunately, the rubber has a finite shelf life, and we're reaching the end of that. And so, today Mamaw bought her granddog two brand new toys... one rope with a squeaker on it (the ultimate toy for Noel, who loves tug, and loves her noisy toys) and, after I saw it on the shelf and just had to see what it did, a stuffed duck, with an honest to goodness duck call inside it.

She was hesitant about Ducky for a while, but now has fully claimed it as hers, chasing the roommate's dog Happy away from it.

She looks absolutely adorable fetching Ducky like a real retriever. And when it quacks at her when she's not expecting it, she drops it and gives it this quizzical look, as if to say "Did you say something Ducky?"

Yeah, I'm a little odd about my dog, but Pup has been a good pal to me over the years. If all it takes to make her happy is a little fetch, a little tug, and something that squeaks at her when she bites it, it's the least I can do.

Well Hell

I have got to get in to the eye doctor.

My prescription has changed enough that I'm getting headaches. I was hoping to put this off for a while yet, but it looks like I'm not gonna have a choice.

It's time to go answer that age old question, over and over again.

"Better, or worse?"