Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We all know that I live in a rural community. Tractors are kind of the thing here, and PTO (Power Take Off) powered mowers are fairly common.

The now-empty lot across the road (where I really wish they would build something, or put in a park, or anything, so that we could stop being reminded of the fire and our passed friends) is getting a bit shaggy this summer, so they got someone to mow it.

I can't see who it is from here, but he's got a small (larger than a lawnmower, much smaller than anything that would actually be used for farming) tractor and a mower deck behind it.

So far he's run over approximately three tree stumps, chosen four discrete circles to run in repeatedly, gotten stuck five times (that I've seen) and made enough horrendous "holy crap what just happened over there??" noises to seriously interrupt my perusal of the Surviving The World archives.

Yeah, this is pretty much a plug for the comic.

Later: A post about the cows, the new horse, and pictures of both!