Monday, March 31, 2008

I Got My Work Cut Out For Me....

Marilyn told me today that the big FFA thingy that's going on Wednesday needs an aged gelding halter class.

Guess who's in it?

That's right, the fuzzy Monkey.

Guess what I have to do tomorrow? Here's a list:

Brush the crap out of him. Let him roll. Brush him some more. Take the clippers to him to get rid of his beard and clean up his bridle path and ears (I've never trimmed his ears, I don't know what he'll do. I've never used powered clippers on him either, but I don't want to clip everything with the manual clippers,) take the hose to him. Tie him up so that he can't roll. Brush him some more. Try to teach him to trot at halter (which I don't think he does) during class where we'll have a halter class. Brush him some more.

This is along with helping everyone else that's going to show wash their horses, because C's horse we don't know if he's ever been washed, same with J's, and S has a cast on her arm that she can't get wet. Oh, and I have to break out the nice shirts and wash my good Wranglers, too.

Then Wednesday morning I'll go out to the barn early (like, seven or eight) and brush the fuzzball some more, then put the finishing touches (hoof shine, show sheen) on him. And S's horse, probably. They've got geldings and mares in the two year old classes before us, and they're supposed to start about eight thirty, so I should have time.

I'll take pictures of the pretty pretty pony when I get him all cleaned up and show everyone how much muscle he's putting on. Not to mention if I got him all prettied up and didn't take pictures for Farmmom she'd hurt me.