Sunday, October 10, 2010

Finally, Some Relaxation

Wednesday night I worked, closing as usual, to get up Thursday morning, drive mom to PT, then back home, and head south to Elsewhere, TX.

It was a very, very long day Thursday, but it was so worth it. Hanging out with Phlegmmy Thursday night was a blast, and she's totally right, her bathroom rocks.... an appropriate setting for a bath goddess, indeed.

Friday I followed in a state of awe as she flew through stores like a stylish whirlwind, accomplishing a purely shocking amount of shopping in a minuscule amount of time. The thing that took the longest time was when LawDog and I got distracted in Sam's by the lure of free cutlery, which lure faded when we realized the enthusiastic man wasn't giving away the knife he was sawing on the hammer with, but a cheesy paring knife.

Then, back to the house where I mostly tried to stay out of the way, and did accomplish hosing off the deck chairs. I always feel awkward when someone else is cleaning their house and I'm there. I want to help, and then I realize I don't know where anything goes, and I remember how annoyed I get when someone puts things away in a place that, to me, seems completely wrong-headed, so unless I'm specifically given a task, or can find something that is extremely difficult to mess up, I just try to stay out of the way.

People started arriving Friday evening and the party was fabulous, as all of Phlegmmy's shindigs are.

Can I just say right now, for the record, that I accept absolutely no blame for any anatomically correct chocolate treats Evyl Robot may come up with. And I'd like to thank Jennifer for letting me be on the other side of the ass grabbery for a change.

One of these days I'll have to get the motivation up to update my bloggers I've met roll, since there have been several additions.

The Farm Fam came home tired, but smiling. We all needed the relaxation and had a lovely time, lovely food, and lovely company.

Tonight, I work. Tomorrow, we're off to Denver for a visit with the surgeon... must remember to grab some steaks, since I did promise him if he fixed mom I'd bring him T-bones.

I'm going to be exhausted for a while but it's in a much better way than I've been dealing with, and I must remember to do something like that more often!