Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Let's Elope to Mexico."

A close friend of mine said that to me last night. Ya'll may remember me talking about my friend D.

Weeellll... D got himself in a bit of trouble a while back, and his due to society is ten days in jail. Thanks to his dad he gets to serve them here instead of where it happened, I'm not really sure why he had such a problem with the other place.

But, he went in last night at eight. Before that, he was hanging out with me. And twitching.

I completely understand his nerves, but at the same time, I got a lot of amusement out of it.

Anyway, he suggested that we elope to Mexico.

"Farmmom might have a problem with that."

"Hell, we can have her come too."

"You want to elope with my mother?"

"Um... no... but... I like your mom.... I mean... she's cool...."

"I don't have that much gas."

"I've got money, we can make it."

"You want to run away to Mexico over ten days in jail."

"Well, I guess not."

"Oh come on, D, cheer up, it's not so bad. What can I do to make you relax?"

"How about sex?"

We got him delivered to jail safe and sound, and on time. Although, we wondered if they were going to take him, for a bit. They had a little trouble finding his paperwork and he had to call his brother and tell him "They won't let me in jail!"

After they found the paperwork, the jailer was leading him around to the salley port and intake, and carrying a pair of cuffs, and commented "I'll wait to put these on you, she doesn't need to see that," mistaking me for D's girlfriend.

My response? "Oh come on, that's just kinky!" Which got odd looks from the jailer and D rolling his eyes at me. I even managed a couple of sniffles when I hugged him goodbye. Which I of course waited to do until he was already cuffed. Where's the fun in hauling your friend to jail if you don't get to play up the drama?

I'll be going down for visitation in a bit, and taking him his phone list that he forgot here, as well as the numbers for the phone card I bought for him today so that he can call people. I haven't decided yet if I want to get all tarted up for it or not.

Maybe I'll try to find a sombrero...