Friday, May 10, 2013


A conversation with a friend (and a recommendation for her to get one of Michael's holsters) reminded me that I'm long overdue for a follow up on the holster that he and Farmmom conspired to give me.

Re-reading the old post, I see that I was concerned with a slight difference in where I carried and where the holster fit, hoping it would break in. It has, and is as comfortable now as a second skin.

The leather is holding up wonderfully, as is the stitching. It all still looks just as fantastic as the day I got it.

The gun has gotten a little looser than it was, as it broke in, but there has also been a refinish for the PPK since then, so the sandblasting had something to do with it I'm sure.

All in all I am enormously pleased with the holster, and not just because it was a gift. Seriously folks, if you're looking for a quality holster that the maker will stand behind, look into Michael at the link above. Reasonable pricing, quality work, durability and beauty all together. I fully intend to give Michael more of my business in the future!