Thursday, October 23, 2008


I hate the cold. Ya'll have heard it before, and you'll probably hear it again.

That being said, without the cold, you don't get the leaves turning red and gold, showering down on the world like a gift from a benevolent universe.

You don't get those crisp mornings, when the sky is so blue it hurts your eyes, but you can't stop looking at it.

Or the chilly nights, when you can just see your breath on the air, and you look up, and eternity is spread out for you. The sky so deep you'd think you could dive in, and swim among the stars. The moon so bright and clear you want to talk to that smiling face.

Today, it was frozen hell. Tonight, from the safety of my nice warm house, the sky is beautiful. The stars look so close, I want to reach out and grab them, and roll them around in my hands.

You don't get nights like this, without the cold.