Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day....

Was a little belated for Farmmom this year. I couldn't get her present here in time, unfortunately. However, it arrived yesterday and I've been informed that it was well worth the wait.

See, Farmmom is allergic to coconut. So every time I've given her a box of chocolates, she's had to peruse the little diagram of what all is in there carefully to avoid the inevitable chocolate with coconut in it.

Then I stumbled across this site and I finally managed to get her an allergy free box of chocolates, that was also loaded with her favorite kinds of treats.

See, that place lets you build your own custom box of hand made chocolates. You pick what goes in it, and they put it together and ship it.

Since we're a warm state and far far away from the east coast where the shop is, I had to have it shipped with a cold pack, but it got here safe and sound yesterday, and Farmmom got her Mother's day gift when she got home last night.

I'll have to call or send an email and compliment Alethea's on their fine chocolates, although I think I'll phrase my review a bit different than Farmmom did...

"Oh My God, girl, that stuff is sex in a box!!"

I have a feeling that they'll be getting more of our money in the future, if Farmmom has anything to say about it. I haven't gotten to try them yet, but she promised to save me a couple.

I give gifts of win and awesome.