Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chops-lickin Good!

Today in El Marto Del Wal, Farmmom spotted an intriguing box as we were perusing the ice cream aisle. Doggy Ice Cream.

I love my pups, and my pups love ice cream, but don't get it but once in a blue moon because of the potential digestive issues, and the massive amounts of sugar.

So, I bought some, just to see if it would actually make a valid substitute for those oh-so-rare moments when the "but don't you love me mommy?" eyes overrode my common sense. It does happen, I'm a sucker.

Got home, and since Fuzzy Pup had spent the morning in the kennel, and didn't start crying the instant he heard the door, this was a perfect moment to reward good behavior.

Popped a couple of the single serve cups out into bowls and set them down on the floor, and stood back to judge their reaction.

There was some initial sniffing and delicate tasting, but they were pretty confident that it was edible since I called them into the kitchen, and once they got the taste of it, it was a whole hog gimme more DIVE into the bowls.

Farmdog snarfed hers and watched Fuzzy Pup's bowl like a hawk to see if he'd leave it and go into the other room, so she could eat his too.

Fuzzy Pup made it through most of it, but I think he was a bit confused by the frozen nature of the treat, since he'd lick at it a few times, and try to bite it, and when that didn't work, he'd study it for a moment before licking it again. He obviously was enjoying the taste, he just couldn't quite figure out why he had to work so hard for it.

All in all, my dawgs give Frosty Paws treats (original flavor) four paws up, and a chops-lickin good rating, so if your pups love ice cream, this is a lower-worry alternative. It's got several of the ginormous word preservatives and chemicals in it, but it's also mainly made of soy and animal fat, and has vitamin supplements.

My vote says it may not be the healthiest or most natural treat out there, but it's a darn sight better than a scoop of vanilla from the freezer, and they've made a real effort to give it actual nutritional value.

Just a heads up for all of my dawg lovin' readers who like to spoil their pups.